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Lifestyle Changes for 2022

Although 2022 is in full swing, it’s not too late to create some new plans and resolutions for this year! For me, this is actually taking more time to be selfish. You heard me. I.AM.GOING.TO BE. SELFISH and focus on my damn self. I am a mother of four soon to be five (You also read that correctly. FIVE.). As mother’s we tend to give so much to our children and spouses that we do not take the time to actually focus on ourselves. Our goals, desires, dreams, aspirations, and self-care. Oftentimes, we tend to develop the mentality that we are just mothers and/or wives. Nothing more, nothing less. We lose ourselves and our own self-identity which eventually takes a toll on our well-being emotionally which can bleed over physically without realizing. Becoming a wife or mother is not your identity. You are still you and you are deserving of fulfillment.


For me, focusing on MY goals, desires, dreams, and aspirations was me launching this blog, my Instagram, and working on becoming a professional stylist. For me, these are ways for me to fulfill my passion of being in the world of fashion and having a creative outlet that I’ve always dreamed of, but constantly put off for YEARS due to me focusing on my family and simply not feeling as if I was capable. In order to achieve that sense of fulfillment, you must release that mentality of incapability. It doesn’t serve you. It is nothing more than a hindrance that keeps you from achieving your desires and what you’re meant to do. It is never too late to be what you want to be.


How can we give so much of ourselves to others if we ourselves never replenish? Self-care varies from person to person. This can be going for walks, meditating, restaurants, exercising, crafting, creating, spending time with friends, or heading to a spa. For me, it’s getting my hair & nails done, pedicures, eyelash extensions, beauty treatments, having someone deep clean the house at least once a month (no shame in my game!) and ALONE TIME. Alone time for me is a luxury that I do not take for granted. In addition to working on my dream, I work from home full-time, and my 2-year-old is home. For me this is something that can be pretty difficult to come by. But this year, I’ll make sure things are different. Yes, my husband is home during the day and helps with him, but it still changes the dynamic now that he is no longer in daycare. The plan is to hire someone to help with him during the day a few times a week. This would help with scheduling as well as allow me to work my day job while working on my passion. Of course, not everyone has the option to hire help, or have family/friends that can help, but if you can, DO IT. There is no shame in asking for help and there’s no need to struggle if you don’t have to. Self-care isn’t selfish and you are deserving. Replenish yourself before you have nothing to give.

What are your lifestyle adjustments and/or goals? Let me know below.



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