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Are you ready for a beauty-full new year?

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Happy New Year Gorgeous 🍾🌟

As we usher in the new year, we need to first realize what time it is. And that time is:

Unleash that inner bad biddy and take care of her! Looking good is only half of the battle. The other (and arguably MORE important) half is WELLNESS. Self-care definitely falls under the Wellness umbrella. And do you know what else falls under this umbrella...ella...ella... (sorry, I had to)? Pampering and treating thyself. My modus operandi is:

Of course this like anything else is subjective and can be accomplished in various ways! Pampering for me doesn't have to be the same as it may be for you. Whatever helps you unwind, feel like the best version of yourself, and invigorated...DO IT (unless it's crack and/or meth; I strongly advise against that) and do it unapologetically! I have 5 children and a husband. They know if I don't get time for self-care and pampering that it is not conducive for this household or any of its members. I need MY time. Having me time, doesn't mean that you have to leave the comfort of your home to relax.

To help you beauties feel rejuvenated from the daily grind of life and from the inside out, I've compiled a few items to give a few ideas and provide inspiration. Grab your favorite drink to help you relax. Tea, water, champagne, tequila, whatever it is, take the time for yourself. You are deserving of that and so much more. Feel free to let me know in the comments how you treat yo' self and unwind.

Candles are a great for ambiance. Here are a few of my faves below:

For our bawdies, here are a few options :


V 💋


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Pilar Lyutfalieva
Pilar Lyutfalieva
Jan 07, 2023

Love this. Thanks for the reminder!!


Yasss i need that laura mercier & herbivore bath soak! #sold

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